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Slot Machines Etiquette

If you search the Internet for articles on casino and poker etiquette, you will find a plethora of information available.  But articles on slot machine etiquette seem to be severely lacking and it could be because many people do not realize that there are some proper things you should do when playing them.  Slot machines are solitary games where you do interact with others.  Yet, there are other players all around you and by showing them some respect, you will earn it in return.  Here are a few things you should keep in mind when you are playing at the slots.

1.   Coin cups that are perched on a seat or on the slot machine itself – maybe even on the handle if the slot is an old fashioned style – indicate that the machine is in use.  If the slot machine is a coinless type, a personal object like a hat or jacket could be on the seat instead.  Sometimes players need to step away from the machine for a moment, usually to go use the restroom.  Respect the fact that this machine is currently in use and look for another one that is free.  If you are the one using the machine that needs to step away, do you what you need to do and then return as quickly as possible.


2.   Playing at multiple slots at one time during the casinos peak hours is a bit rude and you should refrain from doing this whenever there is a crowd.  Other people want to play as well and tying up two machines is not fair and could violate the casinos policy during posted hours.  Give up one of your machines if you are in this position and just play on one if another player asks to use the second machine.  If a player has a companion sitting at another machine and are socializing instead of gambling, you can politely ask them if you can use the machine.  If they are rude and refuse, move on.  It’s not worth a possible confrontation.


3.   If a player has forgotten their card in the slot machine, the proper thing to do is to lay it on top of the machine for them to collect.  When they go to sit at another machine to play and realize they don’t have their card, they will usually come back to the last machine they played on and get it.  This helps them out and keeps them from having to stand in line and getting a new one.


4.   Smoking on the casino floor is still acceptable at some casinos.  If you are a smoker and you to want to light up while playing, make sure your ashtray is situated in such a way that your smoke does not disturb the players around you.


Finally, if you are at a casino with exceptional service and you wish to tip the employees, try to do it in a fair way.  One half to one percent of your winnings is acceptable to give the employee.  Of course, you can tip them what you want, but never tip below this amount if you can avoid it.
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